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Posted by 13th-Sep-2023

In kitchen design, every detail matters. From doors and cabinetry to appliances and colours, each element shapes your space. Yet, cabinet handles, often overlooked, play a vital role in your kitchen’s style.

At Blaine’s Interiors, we offer diverse handle options to suit your taste. In this blog post, we’ll explore contemporary and traditional handles and how they impact your kitchen’s look.

Contemporary Handles:

Sleek and Functional
Contemporary kitchens emphasise clean lines and minimalism. Handles must blend seamlessly.

Handleless Design: Modernity at its peak, offering a clean and streamlined look.
Bar Handles: Sleek and elegant, ideal for contemporary aesthetics.
Integrated Handles: Seamlessly built into cabinet doors, adding sophistication.

Traditional Handles: Nostalgic and Timeless

For classic charm and warmth, consider traditional handles:

Knobs: Round or oval-shaped, available in various materials, adding vintage elegance.
Cup Handles: Distinctive shape for a rustic touch and nostalgia.

Transitional Kitchen Design

Balancing modern and classic elements is key in transitional kitchens. Elegant yet not overly ornate handles work well. Traditional shapes in modern colours, like matte black, create harmony.

Your kitchen’s handles impact its style. Contemporary handles accentuate minimalism, while traditional handles evoke nostalgia.

Consider ergonomics and functionality when choosing. At Blaine’s Interiors, we’re here to help you find the perfect handle for your dream kitchen.