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Fluted Living

Fluted Living

Posted by 8th-Sep-2023

Step into the world of interior design’s latest fascination—a trend that’s curving its way into kitchens and bathrooms with irresistible charm. Fluted furniture doors have emerged as the avant-garde choice for those seeking to marry classic aesthetics with a contemporary twist. Like a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow, these doors possess a unique texture that not only elevates the ambiance of the space but also adds a tactile dimension to the art of décor. In kitchens and bathrooms, where functionality meets style, fluted doors are rewriting the rules and opening a door to a new era of design possibilities.

New styles and new products are being launched all the time. The latest style is a fluted effect. This trend is growing rapidly in both kitchen and bathroom bathroom design.
Our German Kitchen Manufacturer – Hacker – Have released a fantastic Veneered Fluted Door in their Systamat range.
Roper Rhodes is one of Blaines’ biggest bathroom suppliers – They have released a new finish to their Scheme Wall wall-mounted furniture that includes a fluted door.