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Easter Tips

Easter Tips

Easter Tips

Posted by 28th-Mar-2024

Easter is upon us!

From fresh colours and blossoming blooms to pastel palettes and wooden accents, here are some hints and tips for an Easter Home! It’s a fantastic opportunity to decorate the house to embrace the lighter, brighter Spring days (even though, at the time of writing, the weather is far from spring-like).

With the children at home and families getting together, the kitchen and other social areas within the home will likely be rather busy. This allows you to decorate the rooms and add seasonal decorations. Consider incorporating accents of pretty pastels, cute baby fluffy animals, and fresh foliage into your rooms to create the perfect Easter Spring kitchen. Seasonal décor can be added to the tables, worktops, and shelves, which could then help you create the whimsical backdrop for your parties. From fresh colours and blossoming blooms to pastel palettes and wooden accents, we’re sharing our top tips for styling your kitchen this Easter!


Certain flowers are related to certain times of the year, such as Poinsettias at Christmas, Pumpkins at Halloween, and Sunflowers in the Summer. Easter and Spring are no exception. It’s the time of year when everything comes out of the dormant winter lull, and new colourful life emerges.

For some, flowers and plants are a reminder that Spring has sprung, and better weather is coming; for others, they symbolise rebirth and resurrection, perhaps Easter’s two most important themes.
Flowers can be used throughout the house, whether it’s in vases on a table, with wreaths on a door, or a little posy to give to a loved one.

The flowers to think of could be:
Daffodils are quite possibly thought of as the flower of Easter. Their bright yellow hue symbolises sunshine and evokes feelings of joy and happiness;

Tulips are fabulous in bright and vibrant colours or soft pastel tones. They are not just from Holland but also grown extensively around Norfolk. These flowers represent love and life and are beautiful blooms to add to your Easter décor.

Lilies, perhaps seen as more of a religious flower, have ancient links to the resurrection, and the White lily is perhaps the most traditional Easter flower.

Gypsophila, also known as Baby’s Breath, is a gorgeous flower often found in bright wedding bouquets. These flowers look great on their own, but they can also complement other colours in a table centrepiece.


Spring and Easter lead us to think of soft pastel colours. Some colours are more personal to us, and some have historical connotations.

The colour white represents light, purity, and innocence and is present in all religious depictions of Easter. Easter decorations can also incorporate white Easter lilies, crisp linen tablecloths, and beautiful white ceramics.

Pink is another lovely pastel colour that represents brightness, newness, and joy. To some, it will represent love and joy, while others will reflect on pink as a colour worn during Lent’s religious customs. Pink is a great colour to use while painting Easter Eggs or decorating the table with a pink table runner.

Yummy Easter Treats

The first two products people think of when the words Easter and treats are mentioned together are Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns.

Your Easter Eggs do not have to be just chocolate; they can be from fowl or made of ceramic and stone. Eggs are synonymous with Easter. Chocolate Easter Eggs are the current forerunners when Easter Eggs are discussed. But activities such as decorating hard-boiled eggs for Easter is a fun activities to do with the children (or adults) during the Easter Holidays.

These eggs can then be displayed around the house or garden, they can be part of an Easter Egg Hunt, and they can be displayed nicely in a basket with some straw on the table. Let’s not forget that they can be eaten in many ways.

Nothing beats the smell of a sweet fresh warm stack of hot cross buns. Instead of hiding them in the cupboards until serving, try putting them on the table and displaying them in a rustic basket for a country kitchen feel.

Fresh produce and baked goods are at the heart of Easter and laying them across your Easter table creates a self-serving help-yourself atmosphere perfect for those gatherings. They’re not only delicious but help to fill empty spaces within your Easter table.