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Hacienda Platinum with compact Neff Oven and electric rise and fall worktops
Image: Mobile - Hacienda Platinum
Hacienda Platinum with compact Neff Oven and electric rise and fall worktops
Image: Feature - Hacienda Platinum

Sheila’s Freedom Kitchen

Accessible Kitchen Transformation: Blaines Gives Sheila the Freedom to Cook and Entertain

Blaines Accessible Living Logo

Blaines has recently completed an exceptional project for a client, Sheila, with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This endeavour not only highlights Blaines’ commitment to accessible design but also showcases the transformative power of thoughtful home renovations.

Sheila’s Journey to a Truly Accessible Kitchen

Sheila, a resident of Chelmsford, lives with MS. She relies on a wheelchair for mobility.  She knew that accessibility would be a critical factor in her daily life. Anticipating a future where she will become a full-time wheelchair user, Sheila sought to redesign her bungalow to ensure it could meet her evolving needs.

Adam Thomas

Blaines’ Accessible Design Consultant, Adam, played a pivotal role in bringing Sheila’s vision to life. Sheila had already engaged with a main contractor to reconfigure her home when she crossed paths with Blaines. Despite the structural plans being finalised, Adam’s expertise was instrumental in shaping the kitchen’s design.

A Visit to Blaines Accessible Showroom

Sheila embarked on a journey to Blaines Accessible Living Showroom, where she could explore tactile displays and experience firsthand how various products would enhance her daily life. Her excitement was overloaded as she discovered the meticulous attention to detail that had gone into making her life more manageable.

Personalised Design – Meeting Every Requirement

Sheila presented a list of specific requirements. Blaines was determined to check off every item on her wish list. The design criteria for an accessible kitchen were meticulously met, ensuring a space that would cater to her evolving needs.

Innovative Features for Accessibility

The kitchen’s standout features include a straight electric rise and fall worktop with a waterfall edge. This is strategically located next to the compact oven, and housing the sink, and hob. This design enables Sheila to transfer hot pans seamlessly and safely between appliances, with the waterfall edge acting as a protective barrier for any spilt hot liquids.

To maintain a clear space under the rise and fall worktops, innovative storage solutions were implemented. Wall unit storage equipped with iMovie pull-down baskets and a pull-out twist larder unit were integrated, allowing Sheila improved accessibility to her pantry items.

Creating a Multifunctional Space

Removing the walls between the old kitchen and lounge not only expanded the available space but also allowed for the creation of a dining area. This transformed the kitchen into a kitchen-lounge-diner with the added convenience of a dog flap. Blaines crafted a table from a matching static worktop in Marble Siroco, providing Sheila with a versatile space for dining and socialising.

Aesthetic Harmony and Final Touches

Sheila’s affection for the Hacienda Platinum door seamlessly tied the entire kitchen concept together. The ice-white Mia rise and fall worktop complemented the Marble Sirocco square-edged PVC worktop, while tiles in a blend of gentle pastel colours, laid in a herringbone pattern, added a touch of elegance to the space.
Sheila’s journey with Blaines exemplifies how dedicated design can elevate accessibility, ensuring that a home is not just a living space but a sanctuary that fosters independence and comfort.

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