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Chalky Pine Wetwall & White Units
Image: Chalky Pine Wetwall & White Units
Chalk Pine Nuance & White Base Unit
Image: Chalk Pine Nuance & White Base Unit

Radiance Curved Ensuite Scandi Style

Scandi Style Ensuite

This project was described by the client as “we want something new, but we don’t really know what we want”. An open phrase like this gave our designer free rein over what to design.

The excitement came when our designer suggested the Nuance Chalky Pine shower wall as a statement feature item. This had an amazing effect on the client who absolutely fell in love with the style of the bathroom.

There were a few different versions of the design during the consultation meetings, varying on the unit colour, the floor tiles, and the wet wall. Ultimately the client had fallen in love with the designer’s original suggestion of just changing the WC wall to paint and not the shower wall.

The size and shape of the ensuite allowed for a run of slimline fitted furniture in a matt white finish. The furniture allowed the client to have ample accessible storage.


The room only has one small Velux window and therefore can come across as a little bit dark, the bathroom now has a new LED ceiling panel light and a HIB Exos 600 electric mirror cabinet that has a sensor light on the bottom. These can be used together or individually, using the cabinet light at night enables a softer less bright light in the darkness and reduces that sudden stark brightness, it also means that the adjoining bedroom is not illuminated when the ensuite door is opened.

Shower Cubicle

The area where the shower has been positioned is a lovely alcove and the shower fits there perfectly. The original idea for a rectangular shower tray would enable the full space to be utilised. Part of the shower screen would be tight to the return stud wall which would have made cleaning impossible. Instead, a Matki offset Radiance shower cubicle and integrated tray have been used. The unique quality of this Matki product is the tray curves outwards before the return curve goes to the opposite wall.

To find out more about Matki visit our bathroom brand page.

Blaines’ designers and installation teams have demonstrated their keen eye for detail with the use of the post-form edge on the Nuance board. Each time there has been an external corner the shower wall has been oversized so that the returning sheet of wet wall can but up against it, creating a smooth curved finish around the corner.

The shower the client wanted was an Aqualisa Quartz Digital, this is an upgrade of the model that was already there.

The decoration was the final step, the wall on the toilet run was replastered and then decorated in a bold “Vining Ivy” This has made such a bold great statement and really has made the ensuite something exciting and special. The rest of the walls have been painted in a matt white emulsion, all of the paints that Blaines use are designed for the room they are being used in.

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