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Mobile Alta Chalk White & Oak Block PVC
Image: Mobile Alta ChalK White & Oak Block PVC
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Image: Alta Chalk White & Oak Block PVC Edged Worktop Feature Image

Paint to order dreams!

Alta paint to order in Chalk White

The beginning

Blaines had the pleasure of working with this client who initially had limited ideas for their kitchen redesign. Our dedicated designer conducted thorough design meetings and site visits, engaging in discussions with the client to understand their preferences, goals, and style.

Site visits

During the site visit, we gained valuable insights into the property’s ambience and the clients’ tastes, which helped shape the kitchen’s design. Once the client was aware that they were able to bring their dog, Magnus, to the showroom, the return visits to our showroom proved highly productive. Magnus loved visiting our showroom where he made plenty of new friends.

Throughout a couple of meetings, our designer presented a few versions of the kitchen design. Each one got closer to perfection, and the client appreciated the attention to detail. Our designer had captured the essence of their vision from the outset. The final touches included making slight adjustments from cupboards to drawers and selecting the perfect colour for the doors.

The client had opted to reuse their black freestanding cooker, but a new extractor fan, sink, fridge and dishwasher were supplied via Blaines

The installation

With a lead time of approximately 6 weeks, the client prepared the area for our team’s arrival. Our highly skilled installation teams promptly and meticulously executed the initial tasks. This included blocking up doorways and alcoves to enable more worktop space. Following this, we efficiently completed first-fix electrical work, plastering, and plumbing to prepare the space for the kitchen installation.

Upon the kitchen’s arrival, our teams safely, and with care, delivered and installed it. The empty space transformed into a stunning kitchen that exceeded expectations. Throughout the installation process, our project manager made regular visits to ensure everything progressed smoothly and according to plan. This close collaboration and supervision are essential aspects of Blaines’ ethos, as we strive to provide a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients.

Finishing touches

For the kitchen’s finishing touches, the client took charge of their own decorating. After the fresh plaster dried, they applied a mist coat of paint.

The paint colour played a crucial role in shaping the kitchen’s ambience. Opting for the Dulux Inky Pool range injected vibrant energy and colour into the space.

The bold paint choice, combined with a custom-made glass splashback in a slightly darker shade, created an eye-catching focal point, elevating the overall aesthetic.

The kitchen’s handles are simple yet very effective as the brushed brass handles stand out against the chalk-white door. This choice exuded elegance, warmth, and sophistication. Achieving a beautiful contrast between the soft, muted tones of chalk white and the warm, golden hues of the brass. The timeless combination of white and brass resonated perfectly with the client’s style. Enabling the kitchen to remain appealing for years to come.

Ultimately, this kitchen design became an authentic reflection of the client’s personality and preferences.  This kitchen should provide them with a comfortable and inviting living space.

This successful project left the client delighted with their dream kitchen, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Client, the Blaines team and the meticulous attention to detail.


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