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Mobile Quartz Sand Tiled Shower bath
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Image: Quartz Sand Wall Tiles in New Bathroom Feature

Natural tones and colours

A fabulous earthy family bathroom

The brief

The brief delivered to us from the client was simple and exciting. It involved discussing what the actual bathroom was used for and what the client would benefit from the most. The essential parts were that the bathroom needed to have a bath and a shower, and whatever was chosen required to tie in with the pre-existing dark stained airing cupboard doors, the door into the bathroom and the dark wood of the windows.

After the site visit our designers worked on a concept that they hoped the client would like. As we do with all our clients we like to present the proposed project in a relaxed comfortable environment where everyone is fully transparent and aware of the design, the processes, and the choices.


Whenever a project is started there is always an element of trepidation as to has anything glaringly obvious has been missed during the planning stage. On this occasion, as with the majority of our projects, all the basics were covered. The hurdles occurred in the areas where we expected them to, and until a room is stripped bare it is not always possible to see these hurdles. The important thing when faced with these hurdles is to keep the customer in the loop at all points.  We had daily site visit discussions to ensure that the client was fully aware of what was happening, why it was happening and ultimately why it was taking longer.

The first hurdle we had was in relation to the floor. The client expressed a wish to have the floor reboarded as it was found to be very uneven on our site survey. However, when the floor was lifted it was obvious to our skilled tradespeople that the original joists had not been installed correctly. Instead of each joist being inspected and installed with a potential bow in the same direction these joists had been installed with bows in all directions. This resulted in a lot more work to trim the joist, install new caber flooring and then ply line that to ensure the floor was smooth, creak-free and sturdy.

The Products

We removed all the old tiles in the room so that we could start fresh and just half-tile the room. The tiling layout is a head-scratcher as a keen eye will want to see equal cuts where possible. Any good tiler does not like leaving small tiny slithers to cut. As you can see this has been expertly tiled with nice balanced walls. The brushed stainless steel tile trim finishes off the tiling in a smart manner. It removes the view of the horrible biscuit inside of the tile.

A dwarf stud wall was built behind the toilet and topped off with a matching worktop. This served as a backing for a back-to-wall pan to be used but also enabled us to keep all the plumbing hidden away and neat and tidy. The toilet is rimless and is a comfort height pan. Being rimless makes the pan more hygienic and practical because there is no rim to try and scrub clean. Being a comfort height pan allows the toilet to be a little bit taller and reduces the amount of extreme movement in the knees for the user.

The gloss white fitted furniture comes from JJO Eco Bathrooms. The fitted furniture is balanced equally from the centre point of the wall between the door and the return corner. Consisting of his & hers storage the clients are able to store their own toiletries in their own side of the fitted run.

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