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Fiora Gloss White Fitted Furniture
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D Shapped Bath Ensuite Room
Image: D Shapped Bath Ensuite Room

Dressing Room Ensuite

A Dressing room ensuite bathroom

The beginning

Blaines welcomed back a familiar face – a repeat client who had previously engaged their services for both the kitchen and bathrooms during the initial completion of the property. Over time, the client’s tastes and preferences evolved, prompting them to seek out Blaines once again, this time to breathe new life into these spaces and align them with the latest trends.

Let’s delve into the specifics, starting with the Ensuite.

In its original incarnation, the Ensuite featured a corner jacuzzi bath that had been part of the property since its inception. However, the client’s desire for a fresh and exhilarating change prompted the need for a revamped design. A bath remained an essential component of the room. The bath’s placement couldn’t be altered due to the strategic positioning of ceiling lights designed to create an ambience of relaxation.

The Furniture

The transformation the client sought extended beyond mere aesthetics. They envisioned the pre-existing ensuite as a space that would also accommodate an expansive dressing table area. Achieving this required ingenious solutions, which came in the form of the Urbano Range of bedroom furniture.  The Urbano seamlessly matches the Aquadi Range of bathroom furniture. The synchronisation between Urbano Solar and Aqudi Fiora Gloss was flawlessly executed. In order to integrate the slimmer fitted bathroom furniture, a 600mm deep worktop was meticulously tailored.

The Tiles

Attention was lavished on every aspect of the space. The walls and floors underwent a complete overhaul, adorned in elegant grey porcelain tiles. Standing at dimensions of 600mm x 300mm, these tiles boasted a sophisticated rock-coloured grey pattern. A touch of intricacy was added through the inclusion of Rock Decor tiles, resulting in a feature wall that elevated the room’s visual allure.

Dressing Table

Transitioning to the Dressing Room, a central piece emerged. The generously proportioned dressing table. Crafted from four substantial 3-draw packs, this piece was not only a testament to exquisite craftsmanship but also an embodiment of practicality. Abundant storage was ingeniously incorporated to accommodate an array of bathroom accessories and toiletries. The centrepiece, however, was a generously sized electric mirror, strategically centred to facilitate the client’s preening rituals.

In this narrative of design evolution, Blaines seamlessly wove the client’s evolving tastes into a tapestry of revamped spaces. Through meticulous attention to detail and an eye for innovation, the Ensuite and Dressing Room were both transformed from their original forms into havens of contemporary luxury and functionality.

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