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Lulworth Gloss White Wall Tiled Bathroom
Image: Lulworth Gloss White Wall Tiled Bathroom
Feature Bath with Lulworth Tiles
Image: Feature Bath with Lulworth Tiles

Bathroom Enlargement

A growing bathroom

The client’s aspiration.

An ambition that germinated into the prospect of a renewed bathroom space. An area integrating a shower cubicle and a distinct bath area. Notably, this venture marked our maiden collaboration with this client.
The concept’s inception stemmed from the client’s desire to expand the bathroom’s footprint. It then developed to create a harmonious space accommodating both functional and aesthetic preferences. This initial phase was marked by the strategic repositioning of a boiler. This was organised by the client, it then gave Blaines a void space adjacent to the bathroom. This was ultimately an essential pivot for our ensuing transformation.

With the plumbing groundwork in place, we embarked on the project. Firstly, commencing with the removal of the airing cupboard’s stud walls and the pre-existing entrance. This deconstruction paved the way for a meticulous reconstruction process. A new end wall was introduced, aligned with the original airing cupboard’s location. Concurrently, a fresh entrance was established, seamlessly merging with the redefined layout, therefore eliminating the constraint of a narrow hallway. This architectural manoeuvre birthed a more expansive bathroom configuration.

Operational finesse was coupled with design considerations. The relocation of a light switch and the addition of a ceiling light highlights commitment to both utility and ambience. Our plumbing interventions were attached to the feeds left by the client’s plumber. This demonstration of how we can work with other trades outside of Blaines.

Accessible design

Central to the project’s ethos was the client’s vision for a bathroom to serve diverse needs across generations. This outlook guided our choices, resulting in a design that harmonized both aesthetic appeal and universal accessibility. A dedicated stud wall beneath the window emerged as a thoughtful retreat. This stud wall was designed for relaxation and leisure, complete with an adjacent space to accommodate candles and refreshments. A fully tiled stud wall extended across the room’s expanse, underscoring visual coherence.

The pursuit of accessibility culminated in the bathroom’s core elements—the toilet and the shower. A seamlessly accessible shower cubicle was realised through a minimal step-up design, complemented by the installation of a comfort-height close-coupled WC. Our designers are skilled and knowledgeable in designing bathrooms and kitchens for multi-generational users ensuring they are fully accessible to all.

Within the shower cubicle, the client’s choice of a Nuance Shower wall reflects an alignment with contemporary trends and functional simplicity. Notably, this selection’s absence of grout lines enhances both aesthetic elegance and ease of maintenance. This is complemented by the choice of the Lulworth Wall tile, which seamlessly integrates with the overall design.

Overall this project reaffirms the power of collaboration, innovation, and precision. What began as a bathroom renovation emerged as an exploration of design finesse and the fulfilment of a client’s distinct vision. From this project, the client then went on and had Blaine install a downstairs kitchen diner.

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